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Discover Your Hidden Talents
...Take The Gloo 7 Day Memory Challenge

Is it really possible for you - yes YOU! - to improve your memory in the next 7 days simply by reading one short 5 minute article each day?

Maybe... maybe not.

Who knows?

But one thing is for certain. If you don't take our 7 Day Memory Challenge you'll never find out. So give it a go.

Because chances are you have the same brain as every other person on the planet. And that by feeding it a few nutritious, brain-friendly memory tips and techniques over the coming week it may well surprise - and reward - you.

Takes just 5 minutes a day. You won't be disappointed.

Here's How It Works

Sign up using the form below and we'll then email you 1 short article each day for the next 7 days. Your job… is simply to read each article. It's that easy.

Just read each article and let the information sink in. If you choose to think about what you read, well that's a bonus, because thinking - although not entirely necessary - does help.

What's more if you decide to do a few of the quick activities suggested in some of the articles, well that's even better. Whatever you decide to do, it won't take more than a few minutes each day.

Will it turn you into a memory champion?

Probably not. But let's be honest. If you're like most people you're not looking to dazzle complete strangers with your amazing ability to remember long numbers or recall decks of shuffled playing cards.

Because, quite frankly, if you do do such things people will think you're just a little bit strange. Trust me.

But you just may find it useful to be able to remember more 'stuff'… everyday stuff… like the names of people you meet and the things you promise to do each day for friends and family, colleagues and customers.

So that's how the 7 Day Memory Challenge works and what you can expect.

What's The Catch?

Now you may be wondering why we're being oh-so generous and doing this.

Well it's not just because we're nice people.

We're hoping that you'll be excited by what you learn and perhaps, once you complete the challenge, you'll want to sample a little more Gloo. Maybe you'll...

Or perhaps you won't.

That's fine too. But I do genuinely hope that by simply reading the articles we send you each day and then applying what you learn, that you'll be able to benefit in some small - or much larger! - way.

So that's the deal.

Ready To Get Started? Let's Begin...

Simply enter your details below to get started with your 7 Day Memory Challenge.

***Please double check that your email address is correct - we'll send each day's article to the email address you fill in below.***




We'll also send you our free newsletter Splat! from time to time packed full of more great tips and techniques to save you time and boost your memory.

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