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Mapping Software

We use mapping software. We swear by it. And we're not alone. Many other people and businesses are now discovering the power of mapping. The power and flexibility to generate, to connect, to visualise new ideas and information, quickly and easily.

Here are the 3 programs we use and highly recommend.


If you're familiar with mapping techniques then MindManager is a must-have. This powerful program allows you to easily create and share electronic maps… a huge time-saver whether you're preparing a presentation, drafting a report, scoping out a project or simply taking notes of a meeting.

The latest version of MindManager has added even more functionality plus tighter integration with other common business applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. And according to the promotional blurb it's now used in over 60% of the world's top 2000 companies and by over 750,000 people. A true business class application and productivity tool. Great product. They've even produced a version for Mac lovers.

For a free free trial just visit...


Another excellent mapping program. We first came across NovaMind several years ago. Back then it was only available for Mac. It now works on PC plus it's available in a range of languages in addition to English.

It's simple to use and has some great graphics and images included which allow you to create colourful and memorable maps quickly and easily. It's great value for money for a powerful and versatile Mapping program.

Download a free trial and find out for yourself by visiting...


If you are after a free program, then take a look at Xmind

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