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Improve Your Memory, Even As You Get Older

You Ain't Getting Any Younger
By Founder Of Gloo, Chris Lyons

Some things are inevitable.

Taxes. Higher petrol prices. And of course... your memory WILL get worse as you get older.

And you are getting older, aren't you? Even as you are reading this now. And your memory isn't quite as sharp as it used to be, is it?

It's just the way it is, right?


Recent research at the University of New South Wales challenges the widely-held myth.

The study showed that healthy, intelligent people in their late 70s were just as good as 18-year-olds at recalling material they had read.

"We found that the memory of older people aged 63 to 78 years was virtually the same as young adults aged 18 to 27 years in a series of reading recall tests," said UNSW psychology student, Laura Haynes.

And there's more evidence to suggest that it's not all downhill…

A report published in The Journal of the American Medical Association also suggests that age-related mental decline is not inevitable.

In a study of nearly 3,000 adults aged 65 to 94, people who received training in memory, reasoning and speed of processing were able to REVERSE THE DECLINE in mental ability that is often associated with ageing.

Need some first hand proof? How's this for you.

This year we've done some training with over 50s from the University of The Third Age in Melbourne. In each session practically everybody was able to dramatically improve their recall of a random list of objects. And many people were able to score a perfect 10/10 recall of an imaginary list of things to do - in any order!

Exactly the same result we're used to from people half their age.

So you can improve your memory at any age... even your age... right now!


Read more of these short articles. Start taking the small actions that we suggest. Give the techniques a try. Even join us at one of our Public Workshops.

And remember... not all things are inevitable. Except of course for taxes and higher petrol prices!

The Final Word: Memory is a skill. And YOU can improve your memory, whatever your age. So start today!

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