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Memory Improvement/Speed Reading Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs For Adults
Memory Improvement And Speed Reading

If you are looking to improve your memory, increase your reading speed and tackle information overload then The Hidden Advantage Personal Coaching Program will help you achieve just that, quickly!

Our flagship Coaching Program, it covers both Memory Techniques and Speed Reading and shows you how to combine these two key areas to achieve even better results...

Book the above one day Memory/Speed Reading Program by 31 August, for delivery any time between now and 31 March 2017, and save $200 on the usual cost.

Or if you're only interested in speed reading, or you simply want to improve your memory, then we offer 2 shorter Coaching Programs focused on these two key areas....

Coaching Programs For Students
High School And University Study Skills

Learning how to learn is a key ingredient for academic success. In fact, study skills are so important to student success that we have developed a Coaching Program specifically designed to help High School and University Students acquire these key skills.

Combining effective reading, memory and study techniques in to one powerful program, our Study Skills Coaching Program equips students with the skills and confidence to study much more effectively and improve their grades...

Book either of the above High School or University Study Skills one day Programs by 31 August, for delivery any time between now and 31 March 2017, and save $100 on the usual cost.

Looking to improve your memory or learn how to speed read? But not sure which program is right for you or your son or daughter? Simply Contact Us for a quick chat about your situation and what you'd like to achieve. We'd be happy to advise you what would work best.

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