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Read Faster, Remember More. Learn how to boost your reading speed, comprehension and recall.

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In-House Speed Reading And Memory Training Course

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 Course Summary

Discover how to read faster, remember more and tackle information overload, all in just one day.  In this fun and interactive In-House Staff Training Course, you and your colleagues will be introduced to the brain-friendly techniques used by high performers all over the planet to save time, boost their reading speed, improve their memory and achieve more each day. Designed and delivered by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons.

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 Purpose Of Workshop

  • To give you a rapid introduction to the most effective speed reading and memory techniques
  • To show you how to combine these techniques to improve your memory, double your reading speed and tackle information overload
  • To provide you with a simple framework to help you apply and practise your new speed reading and memory skills after the course

"This was an absolutely brilliant course. It has been one of the most interesting and useful courses I have ever done. Learning how to quickly remember names will help me a great deal in business."
Matt Zwolenski, Presales Manager, EMC

"Presented in a very simple but incredibly effective way. Brilliant presenter. 10/10 for the content and the way it was delivered."
Ray Itaoui, CEO, Sanity/Virgin/HMV

"Terrific workshop, the impact of the speed reading section alone will be immense in my career."
Chris Hughes, Ass. Manager Funding, Bendigo Adelaide Bank

"Extremely useful, particularly for remembering names."
Allegra Spender, CEO, Carla Zampatti

"Very useful practical techniques for an essential life skill for any successful executive."
Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director, Taylors Wines

"Outstanding course. Excellent content and delivery."
Kevin Dearlove, Director, McGrath Real Estate

"Very engaging, knowledgeable and entertaining. Thank you Chris for making a difference to the lives of everyone in the room myself included."
Dean Willemsen, CEO, DNW Group

 What Attendees Learn

  • Speed Reading - how well do you currently read and what's possible?
  • Why most people read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • How to remember more of what you read using the BDA approach
  • How and when to make notes to maximise comprehension, retention and recall
  • Plus how to use effective note-taking to prepare reports in a fraction of the time
  • Reading strategies for different materials and purposes
  • Common reading traps and how to avoid them
  • Memory Skills - beliefs, myths and your true potential
  • The real reason we forget things and why this is good news
  • The simple 3 step approach to remembering people's names
  • Plus how to use the 80:20 rule to get good at remembering names, quickly
  • How to give great presentations without referring to notes even once
  • How to use the GO method to slash the time needed to prepare presentations
  • How to remember numbers, facts and other key business information
  • How to get information into your long-term memory for instant recall
  • Tips and techniques used by memory champions to perform record-breaking feats

"Fantastic workshop. Very well organised and full of succinct and useful content. Loved both components on memory and speed reading. Great day overall. Thank you."
Ajay Arora, Business Analyst, Citigroup

"Best work presentation I have ever been to. I was engaged right from the beginning and everything I learned I can benefit from instantly. Thanks!"
Gurneek Hansra, Client Services Accountant, Hill Rogers

"Very engaging course and presenter. Skills learned will be very useful."
Thaddeus, Assistant Director, Department Of Communications And The Arts

"Very engaging and energetic presentation! The memory and speed reading techniques were practical and very useful."
Greg Thompson, Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"Thank you Chris for this fantastic session. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve memory and reading skills."
Jowita Kozlowska, Doctor, Greenslopes Hospital Brisbane

"Simple, immediately implementable techniques that will help me remember and read better. Thank you!"
Nik Samuelson, Director, PM Partners Group

"Awesome. Great stuff to use in everyday life and during work hours."
James Ordish, AFP HQ Canberra

speed reading staff training courses  Delivery Format

  • 1 day In-House Staff Training Course delivered at your offices or chosen venue
  • Typically runs from 0900 to 1700 though start time flexible
  • Includes access to the Hidden Advantage 21 Day Online Follow-up Program which gives attendees an easy and effective way to practise what they learn at the workshop
  • Ideal group size up to 12 people, though can also be delivered to larger groups

"Fantastic techniques - memory and speed reading. Best training I have done in a long time! Kept my attention all day and that is saying something!"
Lesley Hodge, Ardoch Youth Foundation

"One of the best training courses I've done."
Michael Musson, Director, Australian Bureau Of Statistics

"Highly intensive training session, full of energy and inspirational delivery."
Toby Hassall, Economics Analyst, Aurizon

"Great day. A really good investment of time and money."
Linda Kirkwood, Executive Manager HR, Coffs Harbour City Council

"Made it a fun learning experience. Thanks a million."
Peter Franks, CEO, Mackay Regional Council

"Very simple and easy to use techniques that I can actually see myself using!!"
Kath Micallef, HR Director, The Productivity Commission

"An excellent workshop. Very enthusiastic presenter. Learnt a lot."
Priya Khanna, Research Officer, Royal Australasian College Of Physicians

"Fun, fast and fantastic. Full of useful information. Highly recommended."
Cissy McCool, Executive Assistant, Lawler Partners

"Stuff that everyone should know. Simple yet very effective."
Mat Wolnicki, Department Of The Environment, Canberra

"One of the best and most useful courses I have attended. Plenty of tools and techniques to apply. Chris is a very engaging presenter!"
Adam Ellison, Manager Business Transformation, Coffs Harbour City Council

"Fantastic course and presenter. Learnt many new skills to help with my memory, no longer will my children be able to say I forget everything. Thanks for making it fun and effective without us even realising it!"
Elizabeth Coe, Manager Risk Facilitation Team, Bendigo Adelaide Bank

"Absolutely loved today, thank you. I feel my staff (not to mention myself) got tremendous benefit. We would like to work with you further."
Shani Ford, General Manager, Hill Rogers

"Productivity is a key driver for all business leaders. This course will help me and my team process information faster and engage quickly with new and existing customers. Great investment!"
Tanya Gray, Director, Getting Clients Today

 Workshop Presenter

Workshop delivered by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies before starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs in 2003.

"Really enjoyed the program. I have a toolkit to take away to further develop my ability to remember things especially names, increase my reading speed and structure presentations in a more effective manner."
Tracey Beckham, National HR Manager, K.W.Doggett

"Presented with style and pizzazz!"
Jeff Allis, Director, Boost Juice Bars

"Fantastic! Great tips, tools and methods that are easy to remember and work!"
Chela-Marie, HR Manager, Hill Rogers

"Chris was very knowledgeable, extremely engaging and entertaining. The content was very thorough and well prepared. I enjoyed the facilitation style and we were always doing something different."
Dom Kauter, Student, QUT Brisbane

"Training session was excellent. Great content, fantastic presentation, learnt lots. Will be able to use lots of the points and skills learnt."
Glenda Rowlands, Senior Group Regulatory Compliance Officer, Bendigo Adelaide Bank

"A worthwhile investment in time. I highly recommend this course."
Carolyn, Assistant Director, Department Of Communications And The Arts

"Very worthwhile. Learnt important techniques and satisfied my original outcomes for the day. Would happily recommend to other businesses."
Chris Duff, Senior Farm Consultant, Delta Agribusiness

"Awesome, informative day. Well worth the time to learn new techniques to make my life easier. Thank you Chris!!"
Isabelle Maule, Office Manager, Texas Productions

"I wish I'd heard about the speed reading back in school/university. Simple ways to get more out of life."
James Kirby, Senior Planner, Department of Planning and Community Development

"Great and dynamic workshop. Easy things to learn with huge benefit."
Andres Romero, Design Engineer Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

"Outstanding. I rated my memory but this is a game changer. Huge improvement for me personally."
Alistair Kivell, Associate Agent, McGrath Real Estate

"Really good Chris. Great material, well put together and presented."
Andrew Walker, Chairman, Aspen Medical

"The memory sessions were brilliant."
Glen Frost, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

 Attendee Feedback

Chris has now been running staff training courses and coaching programs for 15 years and has never had a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Because Gloo training is fun, fast and effective. Here is just a small selection of comments from people who have taken part in our courses.

"Fantastic experience. Always engaging and delivered very practical insights in to improving memory and reading techniques. Highly recommend to anyone of any age."
Adam Woods, Head Of Business Systems Development, Bendigo Adelaide Bank

"Greatly exceeded expectations! Highly recommended."
Robert Giblin, Accountant, Hill Rogers

"Sound strategies and surprisingly simple for genuine improvements in memory, reading and presentation. Content was delivered in an amusing and interactive format. Expectations of improved capability was far exceeded."
Ruth Watts, Senior Manager, Bendigo Adelaide Bank

"Very enjoyable! Fast paced, kept the interest up and the content was fresh and innovative. Many thanks."
Lotte Linden, Learning and Development, Australian Government Productivity Commission

"Very informative program. Has given me skills to use in business and everyday life. Very worthwhile."
Rick Lethlean, Managing Director, Water Wise Water Trucks

"Fantastic. Some techniques I was aware of but didn't really know how to use them and now I do. Learnt a lot of new techniques. This will make my work a lot easier, more organised. Also more professional through better memory. This is one of the few trainings that I haven't had 3.30-itis! It was great how you kept us thinking and our brains engaged!"
Allison Trethowen, Program Manager Mentoring, Whitelion

"A thoroughly informative, engaging and entertaining day. Useful techniques enjoyed by all our staff. Thank you."
Courtney Rowe, Managing Director, Fusion Workforce

"Very active and fast flowing day. Complex issues presented simply. Continual reinforcement which was great. Easy to use, great take away messages."
Peter FitzGerald, Area Manager, Elders

"The Hidden Advantage Workshop should be compulsory teaching in schools - the sooner the better!"
Rhyll Dorrington, CEO, Western Chances

"Provides the necessary tools in my daily life to improve my memory. I would recommend this workshop to others."
Miley Chen, Financial Accounting Manager, Railcorp

"I learnt fantastic skills that will help with my productivity and self-satisfaction of getting things done! It will help me take many things off my 'to-do list'. Thanks for your time and effort Chris."
Carol Mioduchowski, Primary Care Manager, Geelong

"A very well spent day. Useful, practical, fun and enjoyable training. I learnt so many techniques to be utilised in my every day work and personal life. Thank you!"
Sharon Richens, Director, Hills Street Group

"If you want to move away from boring PowerPoints to an interactive and fun way of learning where you actually remember everything from start to end, and learn lifelong skills to make your everyday work so much easier, Gloo is for you. That is what I achieved in one day."
Geoff Caine, Department Of Sustainability And Environment

"Brilliant! Very useful. Can remember more than I thought I could."
Trish Harrop, Mitchell Shire Council

"Great techniques for enhancing memory and recall, what's even better is they are simple too. Lively and fun workshop that made it all the better."
David Hood, Department Of Sustainability and Environment

"An excellent day of training with quick and easy learning techniques to improve memory, give presentations and speed read. Not only informative and fun but Chris managed to keep me engaged for 8 hours! A course I would recommend to everyone. Thanks Chris!"
Louiza Menzel, Director, French Organic Skin Care Products

To read more customer feedback on our unique blend of training Click Here.

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Who Uses Gloo Techniques?

Gloo In-House Training Sessions, Public Workshops and 1 To 1 Programs have been attended by people from many organisations, including the following:


Allied Investment Group
American Express
Bendigo And Adelaide Bank
BMW Financial Services
Choice Home Loans
Commonwealth Bank
Deutsche Bank
DNW Group
Grant Thornton
Halletts Financial Services
Hills Rogers
Macquarie Bank
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
National Australia Bank
Queensland Investment Corporation
Rodgers Reidy
Shannons Insurance
State Super NSW
State Trustees


Ascent Audit Canberra
Blake Dawson Waldron
CPA Australia
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Gadens Lawyers
GMK Partners
Grant Thornton
Henry Davis York
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
Institute Of Chartered Accountants
Kelly Partners
KJB Law Canberra
Lawler Partners
Mallesons Stephen Jacques
Pitcher Partners
PKF Chartered Accounting
Thomson Geer

Business Services/Industrial

Airmaster Australia
Alstom Australia
APA Group
Associated Grain
Australian Council For International Development
Australian Institute For Commercialisation
Australian Vinyls
BAE Systems
BWM Advertising
CBG Systems
Cisco Systems
Citadel Group
Clover Fields
Colmar Brunton
Control Equipment Pty Ltd
Corporate Risk Ratings
Delta Agribusiness
Green Light Media
HSY Autoparts
K.W. Doggett
Konnect Digital
Mobility Engineering
National Protective Services
Pitt And Sherry
PM Partners Group
Primary Communications
Rio Tinto
Recovery Partners
Snowy Hydro
SP Ausnet
Sylvan Australia
Tanna Partners
Texas Productions
The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia
Vector NZ
Vemco Services
Water Wise Trucks Australia
Weir Minerals
Worley Parsons


Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure
Belle Property
Brookfield Multiplex
CBS Prjoects
Davids Real Estate
Desyne Developments
First National
Hansen Yuncken
Hocking Stuart
Inspire Concrete
Jones Lang Lasalle
JP Dixon
Lean Field Developments
Look Property Group
Love Real Estate
Matrix Group
McVay Real Estate
McGrath Real Estate
Nelson Alexander Real Estate
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Plantation Homes
Ray White Group
The Planning Group
Williams Real Estate
Your Empire
Your Style Homes


ABC Radio
Alfred Health
Ardoch Youth Foundation
Assessments Australia
Aspen Medical
Atherton Hospital
Citywide Fitness
Girl Guides Australia
Hills Street Group
Jenny's Early Learning Centre
Lantern Clubs
Life Without Barriers
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation
Mayne Health
Melbourne City Mission
National Surgical Corporation
NSW Ambulance
NSW Nurses And Midwives' Association
Queensland Health
Rapid Personal Training
Royal District Nursing Service
Royal Australasian College Of Physicians
Samaritan Foundation
SDA Church
TEAR Australia
Ted Noffs Foundation
The Spine Centre Brisbane
Vision Personal Training
WorkCover Queensland
WorkCover NSW

Federal Government

Airservices Australia
Australian Bureau Of Statistics
Australian Defence Force
Australian Federal Police
Australian Research Council
Australian Taxation Office
Attorney-General's Department
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Commonwealth Treasury
Defence Material Organisation
Department Of Agriculture And Water Resources
Department Of Communications And The Arts
Department Of Corrections NZ
Department Of The Environment
Department Of Defence
Department Of Education
Department Of Families, Housing, Community Services And Indigenous Affairs
Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade
Department Of Health
Department Of Human Services
Department Of The Environment
Department Of The Prime Minister And Cabinet
National Museum Of Australia
Productivity Commission
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Military College Duntroon

Local Government

Audit Office of New South Wales
Bayside City Council
Brimbank City Council
Cardinia Shire Council
City Of Canterbury
City Of Melbourne
City Of Port Phillip
City Of Stonnington
City Of Whittlesea
City Of Yarra
City Of Sydney
Coffs Harbour City Council
Crime And Misconduct Commission QLD
Department Of Community Safety QLD
Department Of Education VIC
Department Of Education NSW
Department Of Environment ACT
Department of Environment VIC
Department Of Human Services VIC
Department Of Justice QLD
Department Of Planning And Community Development VIC
Department Of Premier And Cabinet QLD
Department Of Sustainability And Environment VIC
Fire and Rescue NSW
Hydro Tamanina
Inner West Council
Infrastructure Association of Queensland
Isaac Regional Council
Kingston City Council
Lake Macquarie City Council
Liverpool City Counci
Macedon Ranges Shire Council
Mackay Regional Council
Mitchell Shire Council
NSW Environment Protection Authority
NSW Police Force
NSW Public Service Commission
Parliament Of Victoria
Parliament Of Queensland
Penrith City Council
Port Authority Of NSW
Queensland Ambulance Service
Roads and Maritime Services NSW
Shoalhaven City Council
State Revenue Office Victoria
Strathbogie Shire Council
Victorian Auditor-General's Office
Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority
Victoria Police
Wyndham City Council


Academic Colleges Group NZ
Academy of Mary Immaculate Melbourne
Alexandra Secondary College
Ambrose Treacy College Brisbane
Australian Catholic University
Australian Institute Of Applied Sciences
Australian National University
Authentic Education
Bond University
Box Hill TAFE
Cabramatta High School
Catholic Education Office
Condell Park High School
Cromwell Secondary College NZ
Donvale Christian College Melbourne
Farm Cove Intermediate School NZ
Geelong Grammar School
Grace College Brisbane
Healesville High School
Jannali High School
Lavalla Catholic College Traralgon
Lilydale High School
Massey University NZ
Melbourne Business School
Mental Blank
Macquarie University
Monash University
Mooroolbark College
Preshil Senior School Kew
Pymble Ladies' College
Queensland University Of Technology
Rosebank College Sydney
Saudi Student Association Brisbane
South West TAFE Victoria
St Aloysius College Sydney
St Clare's College Canberra
Sydney Medical School
Sydney University
Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College
University Of Canberra
University Of Melbourne
University Of Newcastle
University Of New South Wales
University Of Queensland
University Of Southern Queensland
University Of Sydney
University Of Technology Sydney
University Of The Third Age
Upper Yarra Secondary College
Victoria University
Western Sydney University
Yarra Hills Secondary College


Corporate Training And Life Coaching Institute
Entrepreneurs Organisation
Fusion Workforce
McMillan Staff Development
Ontrack Employment
Rogen International
Young Presidents Organisation
Young Professionals Network Tasmania


Accor Hotels
Australia Post
Boost Juice Bars
City West Water
Costa Group
David Jones
McDonalds Australia
Mercury Telephones
North Melbourne Football Club
Origin Energy
Princess Cruises
Victorian Amateur Football Association
Yarra Trams
Yoram Gross Films

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